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The beehives are reunited

This afternoon my husband and I set out to collect the Beehaus from the previous apiary site and bring it to the new one. It could have ended in disaster (and divorce) but thankfully it didn't as all the bees (apart from five that I counted) made it to the new site.

This morning I headed out at 7am to close the entrance of the Beehaus as we were planning on moving it at around 2pm. The reason being that the bees would all be out foraging at 2pm and wouldn't move with the Beehaus. But at 2pm when we arrived to move it, around five bees who must have headed out at the crack of dawn were trying to get in. There was no way I could get them in without letting a load of others out, so we just had to leave them behind. *sob*

We got the bees in my husband's van but I think the entrance block was a bit dodgy as a few more bees seemed to have crept out. With no barrier between the bees and ourselves, we decided to drive the three miles to the apiary site in our bee suits (he will even…

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